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Welcome to Kanas City Integrative Chiropractic.

We specialize in supporting those with chronic health conditions. We are first and foremost a chiropractic office, but Dr. Rice has extensive postgraduate training in functional neurology and functional medicine. Combing the disciplines of functional neurology and functional medicine, he has helped develop a new model of healthcare called Neuro-Metabolic Medicine.

In the neuro-metabolic model, difficult and debilitating conditions, such as autoimmune disorders (Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Type-1 Diabetes , and Crohn’s Disease) neurodegenerative disorders (Parkinson’s, ALS, Alzheimer’s, and Autism Spectrum Disorders) , and even patients with the previous diagnosis of cancer are able to be supported alongside the care they receive from their medical physician.

The adjunctive modalities applied to each individual are not intended as specific treatments for any particular condition. They are intended to help the individual address imbalances that can be caused by poor diet, or the wrong diet for a particular person, lack of exercise, and even genetics that have begun to express abnormally.

Also being a chiropractic office, the structure of one’s body is also addressed as imbalances in structure can have profound impacts on the rest of the body’s functions.

Dr. Brooks Rice is a board eligible chiropractic neurologist, who is certified in the treatment of ADHD, learning disabilities, and behavioral disorders, and is a DAN (defeat autism now) practitioner. He has been in private practice for ten plus years and is also currently the Wellness Director for Midwest Public Risk. Dr. Rice lectures extensively for local government agencies, as well as advises entities on developing corporate wellness programs.

It is Dr. Rice’s passion and mission in life to provide hope to those who are suffering with chronic disease and to teach individuals what must occur to heal and stay healthy.

The goals Dr. Rice has for each of his patients are:

  1. To test each patient neurologically, metabolically, and structurally and to return you to most optimal state of health possible
  2. To stabilize your autonomics (major organs of the body)
  3. To balance the hemispheres of your brain (optimize movement and mental processes)
  4. To prevent neurological degeneration (brain and nerve damage)
  5. To enhance, extend, and have maximum positive impact on your life.

Through a comprehensive neurological exam, specific brain based therapies (BBT) can be given. Metabolic testing of the blood, saliva, urine, and stool can reveal issues that can be addressed with changes in diet and the addition of specific supplementation. Along with corrective modalities of the spine and extremities, a total comprehensive package that will maximally impact your life can be developed.

 About Dr Brooks Rice

Dr. Brooks Rice is married to his wife Raena Rice and they have a beautiful boy named Yosemite Ash Rice. With three unique names, it is no wonder that this family leads a unique adventurous life. Dr. Rice is an avid cyclist, backpacker, snow skier, and white water kayaker and frequently drags the family across the country searching for the next adventure.

Dr. Rice is also an obsessive reader and loves diverse subjects such as Jewish Christian relations, Middle Eastern politics, and Biblical history. Throw in a good late night book on nutrition or an early morning medical journal article, and it is easy to see you will not find Dr. Rice far from a book, newspaper, or online blog.

He also loves terrorizing his wife by flying the family across the country to attend the latest cutting edge health seminar. It is Dr. Rice’s belief that you can never be educated enough and that studying is one of the highest forms of worship.